ZIP Password Decryption

ZIP Password Decryption 3.0

ZIP Password Decryption can recover forgotten passwords that encrypt ZIP files (See all)

ZIP Password Decryption is a program that can recover forgotten passwords used to encrypt ZIP files.
This program can be used with archives made with WinZip or 7Zip. If offers three methods to obtain the passwords: Brute Force (tries every character possible), Brute Force with Mask Attack (can be used when you know a part of the password) and Dictionary (uses a list of common passwords).

The first method is the one that takes longer to complete. The program tries with a letter, then two letters, and goes on. It can take several hours to complete the job. The program can be shut down, and then turned on again, and it will continue the job exactly from the point where it leaved it.

Of course, it will help a lot if you know part of the password, and use the Brute Force with Mask Attack. If you think that the password is an easy to remember one, you can try with the Dictionary, that looks for commonly used paswords (as "1234", "software" or "password") and lets you enter some possible words, like the name of the company, your dog´s name, your birthday, etc.)

The trial version of this program is able to recover passwords from any length, but will just show you those passwords with up to three characters.

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